Suppress axes in IDL plots

Some control of the axes in an IDL plot can be done through the [xyz]style keyword.

Value Description
1 Force exact axis range (from data)
2 Extend axis range
4 Suppress entire axis. This will eliminate plotting the axes at all. Useful if you want to use the axis procedure later to fill in the axes.
8 Draw axis only on one side.
16 Inhibit setting the Y axis minimum value to 0 (only works on y axis)

These keywords are bitwise so they can be added together to get a combination of effects.

NOTE: if you want to just suppress the text and tick marks in one of the axes:

plot, x, y, yticks = 1, ytickname = [' ', ' ']

This will set the plot to have only one major tick interval at the top and bottom of the axis and name them with a string with an empty space.